Minimal travel hacks and tricks

There are times when you are traveling that you need a special tool to solve a problem but don't have it available.  So improvise!

 Dollar measuring tape:

A United States Dollar is 6.14 inches (155mm) long, and 2.6in (66.2mm) high.  Knowing this you can use a dollar end-to-end as many times as you need to measure whatever you wish.  It should also be noted that if you know your foot size you can use it to measure a space (like an apartment).

Approximate:  there are approximately

  • 1.8km to a mile
  • 4 liters to a gallon
  • 2.5cm to an inch
  • three feet to a meter

So a dollar is a good suggestion but you can use anything that has an easy to find constant size (like your iPhone) or a sheet of 8x11 paper or a credit card. 

Open a beer with anything

Obviously it's best to have a nice high quality bottle opener, but sometimes you need to improvise.  Here's a quick video of how to open a beer with anything - pen, lighter, cd, you name it!

  • Forgot a your wall charger?  Many flatscreen tvs have a USB port.   

Your phone is the best notepad ever

Pictures aren't just for divas.  Your phones camera is the best note taking device ever.  

  • Take pictures of street signs to remember where you left your car or where your hotel is
  • Take pictures of phone numbers to remember them later
  • Take pictures of maps, cooking directions, and tour information to remember them later
  • Take pictures of business cards so you don't have to carry them around with you
  • Take pictures of your passport, drivers license, medical insurance documents and email them to yourself.  You will never lose your documents again!

The Brown Extension Cord Is Your Best Friend


You know those cheap $2 brown extension cords?  They are the best thing to bring with you on your travels.  You can immediately turn one foreign power converter into 3, and also give your chargers some much needed distance.  You can also bring three prong converter if you have gadgets that require it.  You can also know that if you have a 6 foot cord, its 6 feet long.  This is another good measurement device!