Pure freedom

  • Rolo is the perfect companion for your ride. 

  • Never before has it been so easy to go where the conventional suitcase cannot.  

  • Easily pack and organize your clothing for the best road trip ever!

Rolo Travel Bag

The versatile lightweight and patented Rolo is a compression bag, a suitcase, a wardrobe, an organizer, and it’s built with the expertly crafted durability to withstand your greatest adventures.

Each Rolo includes a convenient detachable carrying strap so that you can choose to carry it as is or add it to your backpack or suitcase.

  • Features military grade nylon mesh zipper pockets

  • Patented high performance name brand buckles

  • Name brand zippers

  • 360 degree swivel hanging hook

  • Fiber reinforced support bar

  • Lightweight and high quality construction

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